Mittwoch, 20. Mai 2020

Post 022 - Darcio Poses @ The Pose Fair Market and Bliensen+MaiTai @ Sense Event

ѕponѕor credιтѕ

Pose: Time to Play

→ Adjustable via Menu. Includes Mesh Chair. Copy/NoMod/NoTrans

From Darcio Poses (MP / Flickr) @ The Pose Fair Market from 24th May to 23rd June 2020

Table: Tuku - Display Table/Side Table High - gold
→ Available in 4 Options. (High/Low in Silver/Gold) Copy/Mod/NoTrans

From Bliensen + MaiTai @ Sense Event from 18.05 - 08.06.2020

oтнer credιтѕ

Head: Genus Head - Baby Face (GENUS Project)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara (Maitreya)
Claws: Essential Dirty Claws (CerberusXing)
Mesh Ears - Sound Of Silence (Pumec)
Hair: : Rina Hair (Yomi)
Necklace: Dream Keeper Orb (Maxi Gossamer)
Corset: carnival corset . black (glutz)
Shoes: Ace of hearts - Boots (Dark Love)

Deko (Background):
Tool Rack,4.0 - BDSM Hunt Edition (GEL)
Odalisque BDSM Hunt Gift (Kingdom of Claiming)
Didie Rug (EVHAH)
Impassioned Vanity - Roses - CLEAR VASE (peaches)